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Virus Protection Management

Virus protection has been a requirement for all computer systems for decades and the risk of infection has increased each consecutive year. These viruses have also been focusing on data collection over system damage and are complex enough to infect other system they find on the network. This makes a having strong virus protection strategy vital to protect your business data and customer information.

SiliconUnlimited has the experience your business requires to setup and manage a complete virus protection strategy. Featuring a server deployed and centrally manage antivirus software, along with special operating system configurations reapplied at startup to make virus infection more difficult, provide a strong defense against viruses.

Server deployed and managed antivirus software makes monitoring all your systems simple with email notification when a problem is detected. This allows an infection to be contained quickly before reducing the chance it can do damage or compromise your data. With viruses quick detection and response is key to proper protection.

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