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Many businesses require specialized software which is regularly updated on an ongoing basis. Timely deployment of this software can be vital to the operation of your business, but can be time consuming and disruptive to employees as deployment often requires either employ to install the update on their own system or another user to do it for them.

By employing remote control software SiliconUnlimited can eliminate the disruption caused by deploying these updates and new versions of software across your organization. Instead of disturbing each users work day, software can be deployed after hours and faster than it could be accomplished by sitting at the computer and performing the install as multiple computers can be controlled at the same time.

Along with managing the deployment of your business critical software, we can manage the deployment of other software such and Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash, Shockwave and Java. While these software packages are commonly installed on most systems they are often out of date. The nature of these packages make them excellent conduits for viruses to infect a system which makes keeping them current important.

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