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Server Management

Your server is the most important system on your network. Being the central storage of all your company’s data and domain security, it requires on-going special attention to make sure it is running properly. This is especially important because servers do not generally have someone logging into them on a daily basis, so warning signs which are displayed can be missed, which can lead to costly downtime.

By subscribing to this Server Management service, SiliconUnlimited will perform a regular monthly maintenance of your server, along with insuring that all vital systems such as virus protection and backups are working properly. We also insure all the correct security and drivers updates are installed as required. We will also verify that there is enough space for ongoing file storage and let you know when we notice space is becoming limited. This allows upgrades to be done before it causes probelms leading to business downtime.

This service typically requires 1 to 2 hours per month, so it is easily affordable for any business. If you are already taking advantage of our Central Patch or Virus Protection Management offering, this service can be added at no charge.

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