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Remote System Control

Modern business thrives on the ability to access, process and react to information regardless of where you are physically. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need access some information for work, but either not having your laptop with you or the correct files/software? Have you ever had someone on vacation or out of the office and a situation comes up which requires their input?

Remote System Control allows you to access your office system from anywhere on the Internet from even the most basic of systems in a safe a secure manner. Imagine being able to sit down at your home system and connect to your office system remotely, even turn it on, if it was turned off. You would be able to quickly navigate to the required information and access it with the software and security already present on your office system and get the work done you needed to.

Unlike VPN solutions which can be very slow to access large files, Remote System Control only needs to send your keyboard, mouse and screen information over the link. The file never leaves your office and will open as fast as it would in the office regardless of size.

Remote System Control can even help in situations where bad weather or injury prevents travel to the office allowing you to keep your business productive where other businesses would be severly limited or even shutdown.

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