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Centralized Patch Management

Anyone who has used a Windows based computer has encountered Microsoft's Windows update system. Microsoft uses this system to regularly deploy updates to their operating systems to insure new bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed and insure the best possible experience for you, the user.

The reality of Windows Updates is more complicated. Since these updates often fix problems which Malware and Viruses can use to infest workstations and it is easy for the user to forget to install them; therefore for your entire network to be made vulnerable due to one unupdated program. It has also been demonstrated that Microsoft sometimes releases updates with other issues that can be worse than the problem they attempt to fix.

By subscribing to Centralized Patch Management service, SiliconUnlimited can manage all your workstation Windows Updates from your network server. From this console we can monitor all your workstations and take corrective actions to insure they are up to date. We can also set the installation time for the updates to be after working hours. This avoids wasting employ time on system maintenance increase productivity. On request, we can do the updates on each of the workstations.

This service typically requires 1 to 2 hours a month, so it is easily affordable for any business. If you are already taking advantage of our Server or Virus Protection Management offering, this service can be added at no extra charge; however there is a one-time 2 hour installation fee for the software installation and setup.

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