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Old Computers and other such electronics are very hazardous to the environment containing numerous heavy metals and other toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process. These materials leach into the soil and can contaminate ground water making electronics unsuitable for traditional disposal.

Old data on such devices could be used for identity theft or other financial exploitation, putting you and your clients at risk. It should be noted that simply deleting or formatting the hard drive does not remove the data from the drive and is simple to recover data from. This makes the disposal of old electronics a vital concern for all businesses.

SiliconUnlimited provides a free electronics disposal service for our clients. Old systems are securely cleaned of old data using a US Department of Defense triple pass wipe. This triple pass system insures not only the data is removed, but that any residual image of the data is also obliterated.

Old hardware which is still usable for basic email/Internet access is donated to United Way. Along with giving back to the community, this helps insure that computers being disposed are truly at the end of their useful lives.

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